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Rapid Passenger Tracking

Innovation Science's Rapid Passenger Tracking software is amass-transit crime investigation solution that automatically determines the most relevant snippets of CCTV surveillance footage from the entire suite of cameras installed throughout complex mass-transit rail networks in order to rapidly investigate serious incidents.

Mass transit rail networks are commonly monitored by thousands of CCTV surveillance cameras, but when a major incident occurs (take the 7/7 London Bombings as an example), it is a mammoth task to piece together relevant snippets of video from around the network to extract useful information for an investigation, let alone help those in immediate need quickly enough. Innovation Science Pty Ltd developed a novel solution shortly after the London Bombings with the specific goal of making the aftermath of such a horrific event slightly more manageable.

Facial recognition was and continues to be employed in public spaces around the world. However, the processing power required to analyse video from thousands of cameras capturing millions of passengers each day remains prohibitive. There are commonly over a million people travelling on the London Underground at any given point in morning peak hour. Rather than track everyone all the time (which we felt was a little creepy anyway), the Rapid Passenger Tracking software was developed specifically (and largely automatically) to piece together relevant information from available video in order to be useful during the immediate aftermath of a major incident. To do that, we invented (and patented) a novel approach to solving otherwise exponentially difficult combinatorial problems and a range of other challenging issues.

The resulting tool is capable of quickly determining which passengers are known to be safe, and which are of concern to those lending assistance. The software determines how each relevant passenger arrived at the incident, including where and when they entered the rail network. This information can prove vital for casualty call centres receiving calls from loved ones desperate to know if their family member or friend has been caught up in the incident.

Innovation Science's Rapid Passenger Tracking software won the 2009 Asia Pacific ICT Award for Research and Development.

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