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EXPRESSJ® Application Framework

The Expressj® Framework is a Java™ framework for rapidly developing highly evolvable software applications. It provides a low level layer of technology upon which developers can build complex applications with in-built security, performance monitoring, error resilient internal communications, and inherent evolvability. The framework makes it easy for developers to build modular solutions with extremely low coupling between each module.The resulting applications are highly maintainable and are well suited to evolutionary acquisition and open system procurement programmes. Click for more information.

LOCAL PRESTO® Location Based Content Delivery

The Local Presto® content delivery infrastructure allows you to efficiently deliver content to end-user devices based on their location. Click for more information.

HORIZON WARRIOR™ C2 Application Framework

Horizon Warrior is a robust, proven platform for rapidly building and deploying complex command and control (C2) software. Used for simulation, experimentation and deployment trials, the framework makes it easy to quickly build applications using specialist functionality from the best vendors, and to seamlessly integrate the technology into a single coherent application for deployment. Click for more information.


Visit virtually any major city around the world and you will find a highly-interconnected mass-transit rail network. Many of these networks have introduced smart ticketing systems and offer passengers the flexibility to vary their routes during their journey. With several million passengers commonly travelling on large networks every day, police and security agencies are confronted with a daunting task to identify casualties, perpetrators, and other relevant passengers in the event of an incident. Click for more information.

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