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Software Engineering Services


From requirements analysis to design, implementation, documentation, testing and maintenance, Innovation Science specialises in quality engineering of custom software solutions. Our focus on evolvable engineering delivers cost-effective solutions that will grow with the customers' requirements. Click for more information.


Large projects (particularly government commissioned projects since the 1980s) have tried stipulating a range of requirements in an attempt to maximise the lifespan of custom software. Mandatory use of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) was once believed to be the panacea. However, it was then discovered that the interface to the component rather than the component itself caused significant risk if it was proprietary in nature. This led to the trend for "open systems" — If a system can be considered "open", then the risk of a component becoming unmaintainable is theoretically mitigated because another vendor can provide a replacement component that complies with relevant published standards. Click for more information.


A large amount of rhetoric has been given to open systems in recent years. The terms "open" and "openness" regularly appear in vendor sales-pitches world-wide. Large government development contracts are now beginning to identify openness as a primary requirement. But how can one determine if a system is sufficiently open?

Countless definitions for "Open System" exist. Most refer to the adoption of public or consensus based standards, published interfaces and a modular system architecture. However, achieving these goals may still overlook the customer’s real reasons for desiring an open system. In fact, our research suggests it is possible to develop a proprietary, "closed" system yet still be able to qualify as "open" under many definitions of openness. Click for more information.

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